Leather Restoration

Our Leather Repair Specialists are Fully Trained

When leather suites are exposed to a great deal of everyday wear, they become more prone to damage such as torn/creased leather, pet damage and misshapen, uncomfortable seats.

Our leather repair specialists are fully trained, with many years of experience in this field. Complete Upholstery will offer you the best advice on cleaning and maintenance available, as well as an excellent repair with long lasting leather.

Pet Damage

It’s a common occurrence for household pets to damage leather sofas with their claws, leaving your once perfect furniture scratched and torn. It is often cheaper to resurface the leather by removing the top surface and replacing the affected area with a durable, flexible pigment matched colour to the existing leather.

Misshapen Seats

Seats, arm pads and back cushions in leather sofas can become uncomfortable after much use due to the deteriorating of their foam or fibre interior. To fix this, we simply replace or add to the existing foam interior to restore the sofa’s shape.

Peeling Leather

In most cases this occurs on the back cushion of the sofa, where contaminates such as oil from skin or hair are likely to come into contact with the leather. This can cause the top finish or colour of the leather to come off. The cheapest way to resolve this problem is to remove the top finish and replace it with a flexible, durable pigment colour matched to the rest of the sofa. Alternatively, the affected areas can be fully replaced with brand new colour matched leather.

Stretched/Creased Leather

The sofa’s seats, back cushions and arms can stretch due to their interiors (usually fibre or foam) deteriorating and losing shape. Due to everyday wear, springs and elasticated webbing in seating areas can drop, making the leather stretch and sometimes lose colour. To fix this problem, we replace or add to the affected areas new foam to restore the padding to its original shape. Springs and elasticated webbing can also be replaced or tightened to prevent the shape of the sofa from further deteriorating and stretching the leather.

Damage like the above can be due to a number of factors such as:

  • Poor workmanship.
  • Cheap materials such as vinyl used instead of leather.
  • Poor quality timber/foam.

Unfortunately furniture just isn’t made how it used to be. Manufacturers love to use cheaper, lower quality materials in order to maximise on profit; which often means customers are not long left disappointed with the new centre piece to their living area. Here at Complete Upholstery our passion is making your leather furniture look great again for the perfect price.

We can bring your pride and joy back to life with restored leather upholstery
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